Cub Scout Tracking

Keeping up with your cub scouts can be almost a full-time job, when you consider the amount of information you need to maintain as well as the activities you plan. Today you can use specialized software for cub scout tracking to keep you updated on relevant information including contacts, awards, and calendaring.

Using this software for cub scout tracking can mean saving yourself literally hours and hours every week or month updating information by hand. It can also mean better communication between the adults if you use a type of cub scout tracking software that allows access by multiple users. It can mean less hassle and headache when trying to create a calendar that works for everyone and means keeping you organized when planning field trips or camping trips.

Using cub scout tracking software is not going to offer these benefits if you're not using it properly or fail to use it fully. Consider some quick tips on how you can improve your use of these types of programs.

Calendaring Features

Often people don't use the calendaring features of cub scout tracking software because they're too accustomed to using paper calendars or other programs. This can make things difficult as you try to stay on top of field trips, camping trips, meetings, and so on. To really get benefit from your cub scout tracking software it's good to make full use of the calendaring feature and to use it often.

This can be beneficial to everyone involved with your scouts since most cub scout tracking software allows access by multiple users on multiple platforms. This means that another troop leader or someone else can get into that calendar and check information or enter information, keeping everyone informed. If you aren't using your calendar on the cub scout tracking program fully, make it a point to start doing so. And, forego entering this same information in other programs even if this is your habit. You won't get much benefit from your cub scout tracking program if you don't use it fully.

Learning All the Features

To have your cub scout tracking programs or software really work for you, it's good to explore all the features and use them fully. You may have purchased the software for one particular purpose such as the calendaring feature, but once you realize everything your cub scout tracking programs have to offer, you know how to use it fully. Take time to explore the other options and features and see how they all work together.

Chances are your cub scout tracking program came with a tutorial or instruction manual and if you haven't gone through these, do it now. Set aside a few hours this week or as soon as possible to sit down without distraction and really learn the "ins and outs" of your cub scout tracking program. Once you do this, you may wonder how and why you neglected to use these features before since they make your leadership so much easier.

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