Ledger Conversion Utility

If you are using TroopLedger or PackLedger and have upgraded to our new Web 2.0, this utility will convert the new export into the correct formats for import into your Ledger program.

To use this utility, you should download and save the conversion program to your TroopLedger installation folder (e.g., C:\Troopmaster Software\TroopLedger ME).

Then, after exporting from your TM Web 2.0, you should run the conversion to save the data in the correct format for import into Ledger.

Once you have run the conversion, you can then use the File>Import option in Ledger to load the data.

TroopLedger Conversion Utility: ConvertTLExport.exe

PackLedger Conversion Utility: ConvertPLExport.exe