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   1. I have a scout who has turned 18. How can I move him to the adult leaders file?
   2. How does TroopMaster compute service stars for the Court of Honor?
   3. I'm doing my first ScoutNET recharter. Any tips?
   4. How does TroopMaster compute training codes for the recharter report?
   5. I have a scout working toward Life and TroopMaster accepted both Swimming and Hiking as Eagle-required MBs
       even though both are from the same category. Why?
   6. How does TroopMaster compute O/A eligibility?
   7. Can you allow multiple leaders to update the unit database from separate home computers?
   8. I'm trying to assign family links but the links are disabled. Why?
   9. Do you have or are you planning a separate "CrewMaster" for Venture Crews?
   10. What about Sea Scouts? Varsity Teams?
   11. When BSA adds a new merit badge or modifies requirements on existing merit badges, how do I make
         those changes in TroopMaster?
   12. How can I create a read-only system?

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