TroopMaster Web Getting Started Guide

(for customers using our original TMWeb)

As a current TroopMaster Web customer, you are automatically entitled full access to our new version at no charge. Our new TM Web no longer requires the use of the Desktop or DotNet program. TM Web now contains all of the features/reports from our previous program plus a whole lot more. Your existing data can easily be imported into the new system to bring over all of your records and get started in the new platform. Your current database will remain separate from the new system and will not be modified.

If you would like to take a look at the new system before deciding to make the switch, we also have a variety of videos available for you to view at:

We also offer a variety of 'How To' Videos to help demonstrate specific features in the new system as well. A complete listing is available at:

The following steps will help you get started with your new TroopMaster Web:

  1. If you are using TM Mobile have all of your users sync to make sure their data is uploaded to the old site.

    1. Approve any changes, if necessary.

    2. Disable mobile access to the old site to avoid further changes to the old database. In your existing TroopMaster Web, click File>TM Mobile and then uncheck the box labeled 'Activate TM Mobile App connectivity'.

  2. In your desktop program, select the File>TroopMaster Web>Sync option on the main menu. Then, click Sync to merge all changes from your website with any changes made in the desktop system. This will ensure all changes from the web and desktop systems are up to date.

  3. From TroopMaster desktop create an Export file to upload to the new TroopMaster Web.

    1. Make sure you have version 4.11e or greater under Help>About.

    2. Go to File>Export>TroopMaster 2016 and save this file to a location on your hard drive that you can find later.

    3. Log into your new TroopMaster Web Account (settings below). Go to File>Import From TroopMaster.

    4. Click Upload Import File and select the 'TM2016mdb' file that you saved in step 3b.

    5. If you also have archived data you would like to import, this can be done as well. Instructions for the complete procedure can be found in the instructional video listed below.

    NOTE: A video of this process can also be viewed at:

  4. The permissions system has been greatly improved over the old web. However, the additional features and options we have included will require you to reconfigure the UserID and Password settings for your members. Don't worry though, this process is now easier than ever.

    Instructions for Permission Groups to set access levels for each group:

    Instructions for User Accounts and Auto Generating Passwords:

    https />/

  5. Once you create a UserID/Password for each user and marked them as Active, they can then install the latest version of TM Mobile from their app store. Once installed, users can enter their new login settings in the mobile app. Users should also make sure to select the TM Web 2.0 option so they can connect to the new site.

  6. For units who have created a Custom Website on the old TroopMaster Web, we now offer new and much improved website capabilities in our new system. Due to the extensive changes, it does require that you to manually copy your content over to the new format, but the features on the new system are well worth it.

    Instructions on how to create your Custom Website:

  7. Once your new site is configured you can disable your old site by logging into your old TroopMaster Web account. Go to File>TroopMaster Web 2.0 and the click the Turn Off TMWeb 1.0 button.

  8. To setup TM-Mobile with TM Web 2.0 you must have the latest version of TM-Mobile installed on your device. Once you have the latest verison, go to Settings in your Mobile app and select TroopMaster Web 2.0 Settings. Then, select your account from the dropdown menus, type in your new UserID/Password and click Save. Once your new settings are saved, TM-Mobile will be ready to sync with your new site. Note: iOS users must have iOS 10 installed to download the latest version.

NOTE: TroopMaster Web 2.0 is a stand-alone application which no longer relies on a desktop installation for operation of the system. If your unit requires a desktop installation of the program, we recommend that you continue using the original TroopMaster program with TroopMaster Web until our new desktop version is released in 2017. TroopMaster Web 2.0 also does not include older advancement requirements (as these are being phased out in December 2016) so, if you have scouts who are still working from the older handbooks, we also recommend that you continue using the older version to track these requirements. Once all of your scouts have transitioned to the new handbooks, all of the current requirements can then be tracked in TroopMaster Web 2.0 going forward.