TroopMaster Web Getting Started Guide

(for new customers just getting started with TroopMaster Web)

NOTE: If you are new to the software, we have created a variety of 'How To' Videos to give you an overview of the program and also demonstrate how to use certain features in the system. These can be viewed at:

The following steps will help you get started with your new TroopMaster Web:

  1. Import your data. Data can be imported from the following formats:

    1. Internet Advancement
    2. Scoutbook
    3. ScoutTrack
    4. TroopMaster 2016

  2. Configure the UserID and Password settings for your members.

    Instructions for Permission Groups to set access levels for each group:

    Instructions for User Accounts and Auto Generating Passwords:

    https />/

  3. Once you create a UserID/Password for each user and marked them as Active, your members can choose to install our TM Mobile App from their app store. Once installed, users can enter their new login settings in the mobile app. Users should also make sure to select the TM Web 2.0 option so they can connect to the site.

  4. You can also choose to create a custom website for your unit.

    Instructions on how to create your Custom Website: