New Updates to Email Processing for TroopMaster Web

Recently, certain major email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) have made a change to how they handle emails. These providers no longer allow 3rd parties to send email with a 'From Address' using their domain name if the message did not actually come from one of their servers. As a result we have been working on a new email solution for sending and monitoring messages which will hopefully ensure that messages sent from our web programs properly reach their destination.

Troopmaster Software will be releasing a new update to TroopMaster Web to handle email sent from the system. This update will take place on Monday, May 12th. Once the update has been poosted to the website, a database administrator will need to configure the email settings for your account to begin using the new email feature. Please re-visit this page on Monday for more information on how to configure the mail administrator.

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