New Updates to Email Processing for TroopMaster Web

Recently, certain major email providers (Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail, etc) have made a change to how they handle emails. These providers no longer allow 3rd parties to send email with a 'From Address' using their domain name if the message did not actually come from one of their servers. As a result we have been working on a new email solution for sending and monitoring messages which will hopefully ensure that messages sent from our web programs properly reach their destination.

NOTE: This update is currently only for customers on the following servers:,,

Additional servers will also be updated and we will be notifying customers on those servers once their sites are ready with the new changes.

Mail Admininstrator Instructions:

To use the new email option you will need to choose a leader who will act as the mail administrator for your unit. This person must have administrator privileges in the system and will need configure themselves as the mail administrator through the 'Messaging>Mail Box Settings' option on the website. From here they will need to enter their Name and Email Address and click 'Send Confirmation Email'.  Once you have received the confirmation email you will need to follow the link in the email and then return to the 'Mail Box Settings' page to enter your 'Confirmation Code'.

 After this has been set up, any rejected/bounced emails will be returned to the Mail Administrator so that they can edit or correct any bad addresses in your database to keep your contacts up to date

NOTE: This screen also includes a new 'Find and Replace' option to make it easy to locate records containing bad address and get this corrected in the system with a new/good email address. This should make it much easier to maintain good email addresses for your members to ensure that everyone is able to receive mail being sent by your unit.

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