TroopMaster Web

TroopMaster Web
(add-on package for TroopMaster)

We are proud to announce our new release of TroopMaster Web. TroopMaster Web will allow your leaders, parents and scouts to access and update your most frequently used data via a web browser. This data can later be synchronized back into your main TroopMaster database!

With our New Mobile login option you can also access the data from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry and other mobile devices with internet connectivity.

Allows you to view and edit scout and adult data, advancement, activities, training, and more! Then sync your data with your main TroopMaster database!

Password Protection gives control over users accessing your data and also gives you complete flexibility in controlling which areas of the database can be updated by each user.

Click here to see our free demo.

TroopMaster Web is an add-on for the main TroopMaster package which allows multiple leaders, parents, and scouts to access the records and requires installing the latest version of the main TroopMaster program on at least one machine (the administrator).

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TroopMaster Web


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Requirements: Access to the internet and a screen resolution of at least 800 x 600, and the latest version of TroopMaster installed on the administrator's computer to sync your data.

Site licensed for use with your entire unit for as many users as you need without paying additional license fees.