Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

1. Do you have a comparison chart showing how your software compares to other choices on the market?

2. I need support but am unable to call during your regular office hours. What can I do?

3. Can I order by check?

4. Do you have or are you planning a separate CrewMaster for Venture Crews?

5. What about Sea Scouts? Varsity Teams?

6. Do you offer a Girl Scout version of the software?

7. Do you offer a version for the American Heritage Girls?

8. Do you have a Mac version?

9. Do you have a Linux version?

10. I have misplaced the original CD that was originally shipped with my package. What should I do?

11. How can I create the Scoutbook export files for my Unit Advancement and our Annual Recharter?

12. How do we reregister the software to a new leader?

13. What if we try your software and find that it doesn't meet the needs of our unit?


1. I'm just getting started and there's a lot of data to enter. Are there any shortcuts?

2. Can you allow multiple leaders to update the unit database from separate home computers?

3. I have a scout working toward Life and TroopMaster accepted both Swimming and Hiking as Eagle-required MBs even though both are from the same category. Why?

4. I need to edit the completion date for a merit badge but the system won't let me. What should I do?

5. When BSA adds a new merit badge or modifies requirements on existing merit badges, how do I make those changes in TroopMaster?

6. What are the R/P flags and how are they used?

7. How does the software compute service stars on the awards report?

8. How does TroopMaster compute O/A eligibility?

9. I can't figure out how to get my perforated Award Cards or Merit Badge Blue Cards to print properly. What should I do?

10. I'm printing the Perforated Award Cards for my unit. Where can I get different images to include on my cards?

11. How can I credit attendance for scouts who missed part of a campout or who worked a different number of service hours than did other scouts?

12. When crediting attendance, how can I excuse a member from a particular activity so that it doesn't affect their overall attendance percentages?

13. I need to credit an adult training course that's not on the menu and I don't have a course code for it. How can I add the course to the system?

14. I have a scout who has turned 18. How can I move him to the adult leaders file?

15. Can I run two copies of the program on the same computer?

16. I can't remember the Data Access or Encryption Password I used for the database. What should I do?

17. When I try to restore the database, I get an 'Unable to Decrypt Database' error message.

18. When I try to restore the database, the program tells me that 'Your Data Access Password does not match any of the passwords listed on the web database'.


NOTE: If your unit is using our Web 2.0 or TroopMaster 2018 versions, click here for FAQ's on the new version.

1. How do I credit a scout with paying dues if he uses funds from his personal account?

2. My dues report shows all scouts owing more money than I expected. Why?

3. What are Reserve Accounts?

4. How can I share fund raiser proceeds with my scouts?

5. How can I debit the scouts' accounts without affecting the troop's balance?

6. Can I update the membership information in Ledger using the data from my TroopMaster/PackMaster program?

Automated District Management System

1. Can I transfer data from ADMS to ScoutNET?

2. ADMS stores a lot of data. Is there a way to share data entry tasks with other district leaders?


1. Our unit is considering the DotNet add-on. Do we have to keep our data on your server?

2. We just ordered DotNet for our unit. How do we get started?

3. When I try to activate DotNet, I get an "Unable to connect to FTP site" or "Unable to upload/download" message. What's wrong?

4. Is it possible to limit a DotNet user to a specific functional area or to just one patrol or den?

5. Can you block sensitive data fields from some users?

6. Is there a way to bypass the normal DotNet startup and start the program with just the local data files?

7. What is passive mode?

8. I'm getting an error ("CRC error", "Insert next disk", or "Files appear to be damaged") when downloading the web database file. What should I do?

9. Is there a way to manually unlock the web database?

10. Does everyone enter the same Contact Info on the DotNet dialog?

11. Is the archive part of the web database?

12. I'm concerned about security. How is the data on the FTP site protected?

13. If we use the free FTP site from Troopmaster Software, can I use it for both PackMaster and TroopMaster?

14. I use the free FTP site from Troopmaster Software and now need to change the password due to a security issue or having leaders who have left the unit. How do I do that?

15. I use the free FTP site from Troopmaster Software and I've lost the FTP password. What can I do?

16. Is the data on my FTP site automatically backed up by the FTP provider?

17. How can I take my DotNet files to the meeting where we don't have an internet connection?

18. What are the main differences between TroopMaster DotNet and TroopMaster Web?

DotNet Troubleshooting

1. Unable to connect to FTP site

2. Unable to Upload/Download file

3. Database is locked when no leaders are currently logged in

4. Unable to Decrypt Database

5. Your Data Access Password does not match any of the passwords listed on the web database

6. Errors decompressing the database

IMPORTANT: We do not recommend permanently disabling any firewall or security software on your computer. Doing so may allow malicious software or individuals to attack your machine or gain access to other personal information. Troopmaster Software, Inc. is not responsible for any changes that you choose to make to your security software or settings.

TroopMaster/PackMaster Web 1.0

1. How do I upload my database to the website using the Automatic option? (Recommended)

2. I get an error when I try to upload my database to the website, what can I do?

3. How do I manually upload my data? (NOTE: This is only necessary if the Automatic option does not work)

4. How do I sync my database from the website using the Automatic option? (Recommended)

5. I get an error when I try to sync my database to the website, what should I do?

6. How do I manually Sync my data? (NOTE: This is only necessary if the Automatic option does not work)

7. When I try to login to TroopMaster Web it says 'TroopMaster Web is currently locked'.

8. How do I unlock the Database?

9. How do I create/edit passwords for my other users?

10. I lost/misplaced my administrator UserID and Password. How do I get that resent to me?

11. How does TroopMaster sync the database and who's changes takes precedence?

12. How do I cancel my monthly recurring TroopMaster/PackMaster Web subscription and switch to an annual license?

13. How do I change my recurring billing to a different user or credit card?

14. What are the main differences between TroopMaster DotNet and TroopMaster Web?

15. I have logged in with a 'ReadOnly' password but I can still make changes, why?

16. Can you use both TroopMaster DotNet and TroopMaster Web?

17. How do I restore an automated backup for TroopMaster from TroopMaster Web's automated backup feature?

18. How do I setup TroopMaster to create an offsite automated backup to TroopMaster Web?

19. I get an error message that says 'Too many redirects'. What can I do to fix this?

20. Can I use my own Domain Name?

21. We are changing administrators. How do we set up a new machine to sync with the Web database?

22. Can I embed Google Calendar into my unit's website?

TroopMaster/PackMaster Web 2.0 and TM2018

1. I just purchased the new TroopMaster/PackMaster Web 2.0. How do I import my data to get started?

2. Do you have any 'How-To' Videos to demonstrate use of the program? The new Web 2.0 version has so many features and it would be helpful to see them in action.

3. Does Web 2.0 still sync with my older desktop software?

4. How can I import training data from

5. How do I change my password for login?

6. How do I define a more 'friendly name' for my site (e.g.

7. Can I use my own Domain Name?

8. I'm using the custom website feature. How can I create a direct link to one of my custom pages?

9. How are permissions to specific areas of the database controlled?

10. After converting my data from the old version, the Eagle Honor Roll report now lists duplicate members. Why?

11. How do I link two scouts together when they are in the same household?

12. Some of my adults are listed as 'Leaders' and some are not. How do I change the Leader status in their record?

13. When I run reports, some of the menu items don't fit in my browser window. What can I do?

14. I need to send reports to my scouts to keep them up to date with their latest advancement details. Can I email reports directly to my members?

15. How do send a group email so recipients can Reply All?

16. When I view activities, I don't see all of our unit's events. What is going on?

17. When we attend activities, some of our members either show up later or need to leave early. How can I credit attendance for scouts who attended a Campout or Serivce Project but who weren't present for the entire time?

18. When crediting attendance, how can I excuse a member from a particular activity so that it doesn't affect their overall attendance percentages?

19. What is the best way to enter Prior Totals for our members to track activities completed with another unit prior to joining our troop?

20. I see that we can track activity attendance for Adults but not for Parents. What's the difference between an Adult and a Parent in my database?

21. I see a new 'Credit Toward' feature when adding activities in the system. How is this used?

22. How can I create a recipient list based on a specific outing's RSVPs?

23. I'm trying to generate a Tour Permit in the new program but no longer see this option on the reports menu. What should I do?

24. When I run the Fundraiser Payment Status report, it shows different totals for the Total Sales or Payments Collected than I see on the Fundraiser Management screen. Why are these different?

25. I received a transfer file of members from another Troop or Pack that is still using the old desktop version of the software. How can I import these members into my new Web 2.0?

26. I don't see an option to backup my database on the website. How are backups handled?

27. I'm using the TroopLedger/PackLedger program and have upgraded to Web 2.0. Can I still export data from Web 2.0 to load into my Ledger program?

28. How do I get started with the new Merit Badge Counselor Console?


1. Where Do I Find my Settings?

2. How do I setup a read-only account?

3. Does the mobile app require an internet connection?

4. I only see a portion of my activities. Why?

5. We have DotNet will this work with the new mobile app?

6. I cant find the mobile app in my app store. Where can I download it?

7. Where can I report suggestions for future enhancements?

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